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Meet the Team!

Clint getting the lumber delivered for the main farmhouse.

Clint is co-owner with his wife Debbie. He manages the grounds of the property- making sure everything is beautiful and ready for your perfect day. You can thank him for the mowed grass and all the handyman tasks we need done around here. He enjoys spending the mornings with Debbie on the front porch, and loves to work on the property with Bob (our skidster bobcat! ;) ).

Favorite romantic movie: The Princess Bride

Debbie loves her scarves!

Debbie is co-owner with her husband Clint. She oversees bookings, trade shows, and the general aesthetic of the farm! If you love the heart and style Avonlea, it’s because of Debbie! She loves her dog Oliver and popcorn at the movies!

Favorite romantic movie: Pride and Prejudice (with Kiera Knightly)

Jess hiking in the Shenandoah on one of her days off!

And then there’s me! I’m Jess, Clint and Debbie’s daughter. I handle all of the social media, trade show booth details, and I also help with all of the groundskeeping. I’m kind of the catch-all for what the team needs. I love playing board games like Settlers of Catan and I’m always down to watch an episode of Four Weddings (for research, of course!).

Favorite romantic movie: Romeo and Juliet (with Leonardo DiCaprio)

2019 Staff Photo

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1 Comment

Jan 29, 2020

Clint and Debbie will make sure that your event turns out just as you dreamed about. Their ideas and hard work are displayed within their beautiful farm. It is a dreamy location for any event.

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