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A Few of Our Favorite Things

Here are a few ways our brides decorated the venue this last fall for their weddings that we absolutely loved that we wanted to share with you!

A gorgeous sweetheart table from an October wedding

This wedding utilized our brand new ivy wall and purple loveseat and we think it went perfectly with this boho, garden vibe. This ivy wall makes a great backdrop for the sweetheart table or a photobooth!

Look at that greenery next to the chandeliers!

This greenery was just added to our pay it forward decor list that can be used free of charge. I think we'll be seeing this in the greenhouse a lot in the upcoming year! We love how delicate it looks in the eaves of the greenhouse - it's that perfect touch to make it feel like a greenhouse that is used for more than just weddings!

These florals from Freckled Flower Farm are to die for!

I'm about to spill some serious secrets here - our brilliant bride made these vases herself - from dollar store items. She took a decorative cake tin and glued it to a margherita glass and spray painted it copper! It was so cool, the florist asked to keep them at the end of the event! It's little elements like this that make us certain we have the coolest brides.

These sweet treats were made even sweeter with this special touch.

These paper toppers with the couple's initials were adorable! Paired with the eucalyptus, it made for a very charming display.

This arch. THIS ARCH!

When we tell you we were thrilled when this rolled onto the property, I'd be underselling the moment. The groom MADE this arch before the wedding and we were so impressed! We wanted it so bad but it did sadly leave the venue by the end of the night. This arch will be forever in our hearts.

Mum's the word on how much we loved their hashtag!

Mums in a fall wedding just work. They add that pop of color and are really affordable in Virginia. Plus, this couple took these flowers and then planted them at their house! How sweet is that?

A rose colored disco ball. Enough said.

This disco ball was the brainchild of the mother of the bride. Isn't it just darling? Sometimes, mother does know best.

Can you tell we love fall weddings at the farm? Comment below on your favorites - or if you have any amazing ideas of your own!

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