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A Gorgeous Fall Wedding

Updated: May 28, 2022

We got the photos from Molly Scott over at Molly Scott Photography for a wedding we hosted in November 2021 recently and just had to share more than what would fit in a little Insta post!

Working with Molly was a great experience and of course our gorgeous gorgeous bride and groom were the sweetest couple! Mark and Genna only met three months before they got engaged and picked our venue but you could see the pure, sweet love between them!

When Mark and Genna came to us wanting a wedding in February, we had to steer them in a slightly different direction. We hadn't come to the choice yet, but as of this March we have decided that the venue will be closed for events from January to March for rest and renovations! We already knew then though that February was not pretty enough at the farm for any of our potential brides and we let them know that. That's one thing you'll always get with us - our honest opinion!

So when they chose November 13th instead, we were thrilled! Since we're still a newer venue, we had the date open. It ended up being absolutely lovely because the leaves were late to change last year and the grass in the fields was that dreamy golden color.

The ceremony was beautiful - not a cloud in sight. This is actually before we built decks to go under those pews - old school! The florist did an amazing job with the rich reds and whites for the theme of the wedding, and a under appreciated note was that all of their pre-ceremony music was from Outlander. Bagpipes for the win!

Big hugs

Once the ceremony was complete, this group was ready to party!! We had so much fun watching them get jiggy with it and break it down to celebrate their favorite people!

We love a good party!!!

Also, can we mention how amazing the greenhouse turned out with their decorations?

I could post all day about this amazing wedding, but instead I will leave you with this adorable moment we had with our bride when she wanted to warm up at our golf cart crew's waiting station. Did I mention the wedding was in the low 40s? You couldn't tell from all the fun everyone had!

Happy wedding season!


Venue: Avonlea Farms in Louisa, Virginia

Planner: Ashley Grant with Simply Charmed Events

Florals: Vogue Flowers

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