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Plan My Wedding with Me! Our Wedding Video is Here!

We've been waiting with bated breath for our wedding video and it finally arrived in January!

When we first discussed what we wanted for our wedding, a videographer was an absolute must on my list. I love the documentary style vibes of videos nowadays - it's this gorgeous little slice of our history that will be so important to us as the years go on. When memory gets fuzzy, this is what will remind us of that one perfect day.

Grey Walters with Iceberg Media was charged with the monumental task of impressing his client who also happens to own a wedding venue - I see a lot of wedding videos okay? And maybe I'm biased, but I think he did a pretty amazing job. Check it out for yourself!

I love their documentary style - the way they capture the joy and peace of that day really can only happen in these longer format videos in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of our private lives - we love our couples and wanted to share with you!

With love, The Williams (Corban and Jess)

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